Private Branded cooler with Chillz logo

What is Private Branding and How will it help me?

Products which are generally manufactured or provided by one company, then labeled with another company's brand, are known as private-branded products. These items can generate a profitable revenue stream for your store and, if done right, can give your store not only additional product lines to sell but also an enhanced degree of credibility and trust with shoppers. 

Chances are, you have bought a private-branded product sometime in your life from a large retailer, sporting goods store or online retailer

If you are looking to add premium private branded coolers to your business, then Custom Cooler Store can help.  Private Branding offers the following benefits:

Increased Margins: Typically, since your customers already know your brand, putting your brand name on a private-branded product offers a fast way to grow your product line.

Brand Promotion: If you are a retailer with a strong brand, you can promote your brand with premium products.  With your own products, you can build your brand. Custom Cooler Store will produce our premium coolers with your custom-designed branding. You can design your own, or can help you with our in-house art departments that can create exactly what you need.

Revenue Booster: As a business owner, you are always looking for new revenue streams.  Here is one that works great!  Our  High-Quality Premium Coolers assure happy customers and high margins.

Why do i need private branded coolers?

Branded Products

Custom Cooler Store can produce and distribute your custom branded cooler to online customers, retailers or your locations.

Online Sales Revenue

We integrate with all popular shopping carts and social media platforms.  Have a big social media following and an online store, we can help you offer quality coolers to your followers.

Promotional, Awards & Gifts

If you are an outdoor enthusiast, or anyone who enjoys the outdoors, our coolers make great gifts or promotional items.

Your Logo is gonna look great on your new cooler line.

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