53 Quart Sport Top Cooler

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The 53 Quart Sport Top Cooler is the workman’s cooler. Spacious, portable, and tough as nails, this cooler is ideal for tough jobs in desolate places. The 53 quart cooler is the largest cooler that can be carried by one person, and fits comfortably in a truck console. Fill it with a week’s worth of drinks and perishable food, and utilize the many functional features to help you get the job done. And whether you work solo or for a corporation, let your cooler show that you’re proud of your brand.

53 Quart Sport Top Cooler
53 Quart Sport Top Cooler
53 Quart Sport Top Cooler

Our Coolers are top quality, but don't take our word for it.. Hear what others are saying.

Awesome customization feature, Good overall performance, Reasonable price considering custom options


Custom Cooler Store is great.  We used them for our online give-a-ways and they shipped them direct to our customers.  Great Coolers and Great Service!


Specifications & Features

There are lots of coolers on the market for you to choose from. Our coolers offer all the preimum features of the high end brands while keeping our prices low.  

Premium Quality Cooler, best coolers with customization

Premium Rotomolded Design

Our coolers are rotomolded and made to last. Our design offeres more interior volume, lighter weight all while maininting the high perfromance standards you expect from premium rotomolded coolers..

High Quality Handles

Molded handles and high-strength marine grade nylon ropes and custom comfort grips allow for easy transport of your coolers.

Moulded Can Holders

Our Sport Top Coolers feature 2 molulded can holders with drain outlets to stop "sweaty can" puddles on top of your cooler. No one likes sitting down in "can sweat"

Textured top with Ruler

We know that coolers sometimes function as a seat, a stool and even a measuring tool. That's why we added a texture to the top of your cooler as well as a ruler molded right into the top.

Premium Drain Plugs

When the party is over, it's easy to drain your cooler with this premium quality drain plug. It features a pressure release function as well as a fully removable plug and high quality gasket.

High quality insulation

Our insulation keeps your coolers contets cool for days.  Our coolers have kept ice in the Southern heat for more than a week!